EPI-01 is a device dedicated in analyzing the chemical and physical properties of a material whether in liquid, solid or gaseous form. It uses LIBS technology (Laser induced Breakdown spectroscopy or plasma induced by laser pulse). This innovation allows Epitopos to analyze and recognize the nature of pigments in the heritage field. The company is now developing a new market segment which is the mining industry. The device, a real mobile laboratory, allows the detection of potential mineral veins in situ.

EPI-01 is a first concept which will make it possible to develop a next more compact industrialized product line. An ergonomic and singular design,

The product received the Tango and Scan endowment which helped to finance the project.

    • Dimensions

Legth : 570 mm
Height: 320 mm
Width : 150 mm

Matérials : tainted PA-12
Process : Stéréolithography
Picture credits : Hello Jack / Julie Duffet