The brief was to imagine and design a new screwdriver handle whose design will bring real differentiation from those of competitors but also incomparable ease of use. A delicate subject for there are plethora of screwdrivers on the market with various handles.

The designers Tamim DAOUDI and Grégoire RUAULT were associated on this project during this period.
Together they analyzed the all competitors sleeves in the sector to determine the negative and positive points in both use and appearance.

By making clay models and observing the imprint of the hands during in situ simulations they noticed a twist in the form.

This deformation was incorporated into the design and following further testing, the designers found that the twist improved the speed of rotation but also the comfort of use of the screwdriver. Finally, an imprint pictogram and a color code have been added to the end of the handle to allow quick identification of the screwdriver and thus save daily time for the user.

Following the validation of the tool manufacturer, the designers applied the concept to the full range.

Plastic injection, overmolding

Various dimensions